Real estate solutions


Drive ROI with differentiated smart home offering

Caspar is a new smart home service that uses AI-driven sensors to understand users and adapt the home to their mood, schedule, and preferences. We partner with real-estate developers globally and help them differentiate their homes and provide new experiences to their residents. The smart home services and functionalities enables rent premium.


Architect’s playground for designing smart homes

Caspar partners with architects who want to shape the future of living by incorporating smart home solutions to re-imagine the in-home experience. Our tools enable architects to design experiences with LED lights, climate control, curtains, and access control, that accommodate resident’s lifestyle. Our team streamlines the design, installation and programming process with you.


Lower operational

Caspar’s property management features help enhance operational efficiency, detect problems before they become disastrous, and minimise costs. Our property management features such as predictive maintenance, water leak detection, fall alerts for senior living, intelligent climate control, vacant unit management, and self-showing technology reduce operating expenses while helping your team lease units faster.

Live independently in your own smart home

Senior solutions


Comfortable living

Caspar Senior Concierge features such as wake-up routine assistant, night light assistant and voice control enable comfortable, independent living.


Safe and connected living

Caspar Senior Awareness features such as health analytics, fall detection, activity analytics allow the care circle of the seniors to feel safe.


Independent living

Caspar enabled senior properties help promote independent living. 


Live in a home that works for you

Millennial solutions


Embrace comfort

Caspar is providing next-generation features such as illumination, dynamic music, automatic wake up modes with shades control, providing convenience and productivity for residents.



Caspar awareness features sends meaningful notification to residents about packages arriving, pet moments, or possible scenarios about unexpected activity in the home. 


Personalized home just for you

Residents get a move-in ready experience with Caspar adapting the home to them.