Real-Time Bed Care with Alerts

Caspar's passive-sensing AI uses contactless radar sensors to help you reduce patient hospitalization time and provide better care.


With our real-time bed care solution, your care team receives alerts for unassisted bed exits within seconds to help prevent injuries.

Contactless Vitals Monitoring - Bed Sensor

Passive Contactless Monitoring

Eliminating the need for wearables or cameras with radar sensors that are placed in the bedroom.

Nurse receives real-time alerts on phone

Real-Time Alerts

Providing 24/7 alerts to prevent possible injuries before they happen.

Happy nurse less fatigue

Reduced Alert Fatigue

Factoring in patient baselines and environmental factors to deliver alerts intelligently  – not continuously.

Reduce Injuries, Boost Revenue

Man Bed

Reduced Bed Exits: Unsupervised bed exits are a top source of injury for bed-bound patients. Caspar’s solution monitors patients continuously to detect possible bed exits. 

Preventative Alerts: 80% of such injuries can be prevented with timely alerts to staff. Caspar’s AI analyzes multiple factors to provide intelligent alerts when bed exits are detected.  

Boosted Revenue: Bed exit injuries can result in $3,000+ per-incident treatment costs and $400+ per day in lost revenue for the facility. Implementing Caspar’s solution can help reduce these costs.

Caspar Bed Care solution is an FDA Class 1, 510(k) exempt medical device (880.2400).

This does not guarantee 100% performance, and is not a replacement for staff oversight.

How it works?

Contactless Vitals Monitoring - Bed Sensors

Devices in Rooms

Contactless radar sensors mounted over the bed continuously monitor in-room movements.


Patient-centric AI

Our AI algorithm puts the data from the sensor(s) in the context of patient profile & environmental factors to produce reliable outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring

API & Dashboard

Access data, alerts, and insights using our dashboard or API integrations into your platform.

Let's talk about your goals

Your monitoring team gets relevant alerts, reducing alert fatigue while preventing patient injuries and rehospitalizations.

Add-on additional preventative health & wellness insights and alerts with our AI-driven solution.