Actionable Insights & Alerts for Improved Senior Care

Make caregivers 10X more effective with 24/7 real-time health insights and incident alerts. Provide personalized care with Caspar's personalised data that does not require cameras or wearables.

Provide peace of mind, avoid unnecessary hospital visits, and increase staff efficiencies.

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Real-Time Dashboard for Personalized Care

Make caregivers 10X more effective with 30+ actionable data points about the resident's health. Prolong resident’s stay.

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24/7 RPM & Incident Alerts like Fall

Know when incidents like fall & elopement happen 24/7/365. Empower staff to be there when residents need them most.
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Peace of Mind
& Savings

Give your residents & their family peace of mind with daily automated check-ins. Keep them engaged with voice control.

Let's talk about your community

Customized solutions for CCRC, residential independent living, assisted living, memory care, home healthcare agencies and health centers.

Caspar AI Technology

Nonintrusive Generative AI for In-Home Resident Behavior Prediction

Caspar.AI is a generative AI platform that provides health insights for better & more efficient care. With seven patents granted, Caspar AI technology does not require cameras or wearables – yet it produces residents' medical & behavioral data throughout the home. With ChatGPT, the nurses get easy-to-understand and actionable information about the residents.

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Privacy Preserving

Nonintrusive Edge AI technology does not use cameras or wearables.

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Behavior Prediction

Get resident's medical & behavioral data throughout the home.

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Generative Models

Our generative models integrate with ChatGPT to provide health insights