AI-Driven Care Plan Reports

Empower your staff with weekly reports that deliver a comprehensive, whole-person view of your patients. Caspar's AI provides over 20 health & wellness markers with actionable insights to streamline the care plan process and improve staff efficiency.


Predictive analytics help you anticipate potential issues like cardiac problems, medication side effects, sleep disturbances, and restlessness. This proactive approach empowers your team to deliver better care outcomes.

Health & Wellness Scores

Health & Wellness Scores

Using longitudinal data to highlight preventative health insights

Care plan suggestions

Care Plan Guidance

Providing AI-driven suggestions to help guide caregivers to take action

Caregiver reviews AI-driven Care Plan Reports

Weekly Snapshot

Showing at-a-glance trends to better support care team planning

Caspar AI solution is intended to provide recommendations only to the staff so that they independently review the basis of such recommendations. It is not the intent that staff rely primarily on any such recommendations to make a clinical diagnosis or treatment decision regarding an individual patient. This is considered as a clinical decision support software(FDA, Sep 2022) that analyzes and displays health & wellness information about a patient. Caspar AI uses a variety of devices that are fully compliant with FCC, CE & UL standards as applicable.

Better Outcomes for All

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Quality of Care
Caspar’s powerful insights allow care teams to lower readmission rates and achieve higher total performance scores, which lowers insurance rates and delivers better quality of life for their patients.

Family Satisfaction
Receiving whole-person care and proactive health insights powered by Caspar’s Family Care App makes families more comfortable keeping loved ones in the facility.

Caregiver Efficiency
Caspar’s intelligent reports empower staff to work at the top of their license by allowing them to focus on those patients who really need care the most. This is a more efficient way to operate and reduces caregiver burnout.

Prioritizing patient well-being, fostering family trust, and supporting caregivers is the trifecta that translates to a better bottom line for your care facility.

How It Works

Contactless Vitals Monitoring - Bed Sensor

24/7 Data Ingestion

Our Cloud APIs ingest data from ambient sensors, EHR/EMR, and client platforms.


Cloud AI Plugin

Our patient-centric cloud AI builds whole-person models to identify 20+ health & wellness markers.

Remote Patient Monitoring

API & Dashboard

We deliver AI-driven reports as PDFs in the form of Care Plan Reports, or via our Dashboard & API.

Let's talk about your goals

Your monitoring team gets relevant alerts and treatment management reports while reducing alert fatigue.

Obtain reimbursements from RPM, RTM, CCM, and value-based contracts with preventative health & wellness insights and alerts with our AI-driven solution.