AI-Driven Care Plan Reports

Empower your staff with concise reports and actionable insights for improved staff efficiency for better care outcomes. Caspar's patient-centric AI helps identify 20+ health & wellness markers like cardiac & respiration issues, medication side effects, sleep analysis, restlessness, etc.

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Health & Wellness Markers

Patient-centric AI for 20+ health & wellness markers for preventive care.

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Patient Scorecards

Holistic snapshot view of patient’s life with highlighted longitudinal health changes.

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Weekly Snapshot

Highlights key issues & trends for staff to use in care planning huddles.

Disclaimer: AI-driven reports are only to highlight key data and are not a substitute for the clinician’s judgment.

How it works?


24/7 Data Ingestion

Data from ambient sensors, EHR/EMR, and client platforms is ingested through our Cloud APIs.


Cloud AI Plugin

Our patient-centric cloud AI builds whole-person models to identify 20+ health & wellness markers.

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API & Dashboard

Reports delivered as PDF or via our Dashboard & API.

Let's talk about your goals

Your monitoring team gets relevant alerts and treatment management reports while reducing alert fatigue.

Obtain reimbursements from RPM, RTM, CCM, and value-based contracts with preventative health & wellness insights and alerts with our AI-driven solution.