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Dr. Ashutosh Saxena joined Stanford University to change how robots are programmed. He developed Artificial Intelligence algorithms that enabled robots to learn to perform tasks such as unloading a dishwasher and assist elderly in performing daily tasks. During his tenure as a Computer Science Professor at Cornell University, he built a knowledge-engine for robots, where these robots can learn from online videos and share their experiences with each other.

At Stanford, Ashutosh met David Cheriton, an angel investor in Google and the co-founder of Arista Networks (IPO), who is the world’s leading expert in the area of Distributed Operating Systems. Ashutosh and David decided to collaborate and found Caspar to transform the in-home experience for families and seniors. And the journey to shape the future of the smart home began…

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Ashutosh Saxena is the CEO and cofounder of Brain of Things, which devel­oped an AI system called Caspar that turns a home into a sort of robot that we can talk to and interact with. By later this summer, Caspar will have been installed in about 500 apartments in California and Tokyo.

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It’s dusk on a crisp January day at Stanford University, and David Cheriton is in his corner office waiting for his weekly research meeting to begin.
The last slivers of sunlight filter through the windows, illuminating the pages of Superyacht Living & Style a glossy magazine Cheriton is browsing

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CASPAR AIを開発したBoT社CEOのアシュトシュ・サクセナ氏が現代の魔法使い・落合陽一と描く住居の未来の姿。そこでは子どもたちは犬や猫と遊ぶようにAIやIoT機器と戯れ、高齢者は日常のアクションでAIの恩恵を受けることができる。そこにはもう壁のスイッチもインターフェイスも存在しない。

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Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has invested in Caspar* (leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart home startup in USA) and started collaboration with Caspar to develop integrated AI smart home system.

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Wolff Company, a fully-integrated real estate private equity firm that is focused on the multifamily sector, announces that phase two of the upscale Annadel property in Santa Rosa

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Despite the hype, real-world AI solutions are emerging, and a recent summit looked at new techniques and case studies, including a robot for aiding the aging, smart homes, and industrial automation. The buzz around artificial intelligence

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A company is developing apartment buildings with sensors, automated appliances, and the ability to learn an owner’s habits.

Perhaps the home of the future will be filled with robots. Or maybe that home itself will be a robot.

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In this episode I’m joined by Ashutosh Saxena, a veteran of Andrew Ng’s Stanford Machine Learning Group, and co-founder and CEO of
Ashutosh and I discuss his RoboBrain project, a computational system

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The Internet of Things needs standardization and easier programming options. Until then, the promise of IoT for consumers remains unfulfilled.

The Internet of Things is the most exciting thing to happen in the technology industry since the introduction of the iPhone

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Artificial Intelligence
Ashutosh Saxena

Ashutosh Saxena

Founder & CEO

Former Professor of CS, Cornell University
Co-Founder, Cognical Zibby
TR35 Innovator Award, MIT
Alfred P. Sloan Fellow
Ph.D. CS, Stanford University with Andrew Ng

Distributed Systems
David Cheriton

David Cheriton

Founder & Chief Scientist

Former Professor of CS, Stanford University
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Arista Networks (NYSE: ANET)
Forbes Midas List
Seed Investor & Advisor, Google & VMware

Smart Home & IOT
Corey Gates

Corey Gates

VP, Engineering

Former CTO & VP of Engineering, iControl
(acq. Comcast)
Co-Founder, AudioTalk Networks (acq. HearMe)
B.S. EECS, UC Berkeley

Artificial Intelligence
Maja Rudinac

Maja Rudinac

VP, Business Development

Former Founder & CEO, Robot Care Systems
Best Engineer Netherlands, Prince Friso Award
Red Dot Design Award, Shell & Accenture Awards
PhD Robotics, TU Delft


Fritz H. Wolff

Executive Chairman, The Wolff Company Co-Founder, Katerra

Joe Zadeh

VP of Experiences, AirBnb

Michael Marks

Chairman & Co-Founder, Katerra Former Chairman & CEO, Flextronics

Ron Conway

SV Angel, Investor in Google, Facebook, AirBnB, PayPal, Reddit, GitHub
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CASPAR is developing a distributed AI operating system for homes. We look for experts in AI, databases, cloud, and networking who can deliver scalable products reliably.