Generative AI for Remote Healthcare

Caspar AI is a sensor-agnostic cloud AI plugin for 24/7 monitoring and early detection of diseases. It specializes in learning from multi-modal ambient 3D sensors to build personalized behavioral models (from 150 billion data points!).

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Personalized Ambient Intelligence

With seven patents granted, our AI activates and uses existing passive contactless radar & wifi-based sensors to get vitals and 3D behavioral data. Our solution is passive and does not require cameras or wearables. 

Multi-Modal GPTs & LLM

Caspar's AI builds comprehensive whole-person models from EHR/EMR records and ambient 3D sensors. Our Multi-Modal GPTs & LLMs do long-term data analysis and use medical data to produce interpretable, evidence-based health outcomes.

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AI Plugin for Clinical Workflows

Our AI detects 20+ health conditions and alerts, including sleep apnea, cardiac & respiratory, UTI, bed exit - imminent fall, and restlessness. These insights and alerts are made available as an AI plugin into existing workflows like EHR platform, Apps and nursecall systems.

Patient Centric AI

Our data-driven platform has already detected over 20,000 incidents/insights in facilities across the US. This has also resulted in 10x reduction in detection times.


The AI models get better each day as more data is collected, both across large populations and longitudinally over time for each patient, individually.