Caspar Sense

Caspar creates a seamless smart home experience, where the home understands the user’s activities and intents. Caspar technology uses a variety of sensors, combined with deep learning models to generate real-time predictions of human activities and intents.

These activities include a large number of daily living activities such as sleeping, eating, cooking as well as specialized activities such as falling and coughing. Such information is used to personalize the smart home user experiences as well as to perform advanced health analytics useful for senior living.

Caspar Adapt

Caspar Adapt

Caspar intelligently adapts and personalizes it to the residents. Our technology suggests customized scenes to set the ambiance.

Caspar Adapt models the user’s preference using a Deep Co-Reinforcement Learning technology, where the action policy is determined based on user behaviors, intents, and commands.

Caspar Adapt

Caspar Platform & Apps

Caspar is an intelligent operating system for smart homes that runs over a variety of IoT device platforms. Our proprietary artificial intelligence technology sits on top of our distributed operating system that converts the home into a computing platform connecting thermostats, switches, outlets, sensors, light bulbs, humidity sensors, and motorized roller shades enabling secure and reliable home automation.

Caspar’s intelligent operating system allows the development of a variety of “smart home apps or experiences” that further enhance the value to residents and property managers. Easily integrate our AI-powered technology to your offering and IoT platform via an API.

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