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Caspar provides customized solutions for a variety of nursing and care settings. We work with 3000+ insurance providers to increase your reimbursement revenue.


Capitalize on RTM/RPM

RPM technologies allow clinical staff to proactively evaluate residents for potential health issues and develop appropriate care plans. Utilize Caspar’s RTM capabilities to qualify for reimbursements up to $1,320/resident yearly.

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Skilled Nursing Providers

Who watches over your patients when you cannot? With Caspar, you can create a 24/7 safety net around each resident. Your clinical staff become 10x more effective with personalised alerts and care plans. Unlock RPM, RTM & risk-based revenues.

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Home Healthcare Providers

Provide 24/7 care to your residents with our passive monitoring solution. Apply your care resources effectively and improve resident care with personalized care plans using Caspar’s AI-driven support tool.

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Assisted Living & Memory Care

Directing staff’s work with data in our labor-intensive industry can yield significant savings and improve resident care. With 24/7 in-home resident behavior data at their fingertips, staff knows where to go and what to do. Making staff 10x more effective.

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Residential Independent Living

Each day, it takes considerable time and effort to ensure that residents are safe and healthy. Caspar’s passive sensing AI completes the check-in automatically and alerts staff 24/7 when incidents like fall happen.