Full Cycle AI for Personalized Alerts & Early Detection of Diseases

Our AI-driven health platform increases top-line revenue, improves patient care, and increases staff efficiencies.


With long-term vitals & behavioral data from passive contactless sensors, we provide personalized alerts, early detection of diseases, and treatment care plans.

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Home Healthcare Providers

Provide a 24/7 comprehensive care plan and extend the reach of your care staff with our AI-driven passive monitoring solution.

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Clinical Care Providers

Who watches over your patients when you cannot? Caspar's clinical support tool creates a 24/7 safety net around each patient. Make your staff effective while unlocking RPM, RTM & risk-based revenues.

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Senior Living Communities

Extend the stay of your residents with our 24/7 safety solution – know when incidents like falls happen, no wearables or cameras needed. Provide peace of mind to the families.

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RPM & RTM Providers

With AI driven personalised alerts, reduce your staff's fatigue. Our treatment plan reports help you provide better care & increased top-line revenue with your existing solution.

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Customized solutions for home healthcare providers, RPM/RTM solution providers, senior living communities, and skilled nursing providers.

Nurse Alert

Nonintrusive Generative AI for In-Home Resident Behavior Prediction

Caspar's Generative AI does long-term, longitudinal, data analysis to deliver personalized alerts & treatment care plans. With seven patents granted, Caspar's AI does not require cameras or wearables – instead, it relies on non-intrusive passive sensors.

Our proprietary LHMBs (Large Human Behavior Models) compose LLMs for human behavior & vital sensor data. This transforms complex raw data into actionable information for caregivers & clinical staff.

If you're a technology solutions provider, contact us at info@caspar.ai

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Privacy Preserving

Nonintrusive AI technology does not use cameras or wearables.

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Vitals & Health

Actionable, coded health observations based on patient's medical & behavioral data (RPM eligible).

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Generative AI

Longitudinal, long-term, analysis for early detection of diseases.