Live independently in your own smart home

Senior solutions

Live in the comfort of your own home without having to perform ordinary, time-consuming tasks — enabling you to focus on what’s important. Your home automatically adjusts the lighting, climate, and ambiance to provide the best sleeping experience, promote a healthy lifestyle, and connect you with friends and family.

Be safe in the comfort of your own home. Caspar’s awareness features will notify you about incidents such as the stove left on. Let your family have peace of mind knowing that you are safe and enjoying every moment of the day.

Senior housing developers can improve net operating income through concierge efficiency and increased rent premiums for a differentiated technology offering.


  • Caspar will remind you of events where you have the opportunity to meaningfully interact with other members of your community.  Never miss a happy hour with your friends!

Refined Living

  • Caspar improves the quality of life by providing next-generation features such as convenience and awareness so you can focus on what matters most.

Coach for an Active Lifestyle

  • Caspar promotes a healthy lifestyle for your residents by understanding their daily activity level without the need for a wearable device and sharing progress updates with the residents to motivate them to be physically active. Caspar encourages residents to exercise or join a group-based fitness program at your property.


  • Caspar notifies your concierge staff of resident activity or possible incidents that could happen in the home. This helps the concierge staff prioritize actions and ensure residents get quality service.

A day in life with Caspar

8 AM


Setting an alarm to wake you up is just a reminder — and they’ve been around for a while. Now, with Caspar you can wake up how you like with the right combination of natural lighting and music or even both!

10 AM


Caspar tracks how many steps you take and sends you progress reports to ensure a healthy, active lifestyle.

9 PM


If you are cooking your favorite meal while watching a movie and forgot to turn off the stove, don’t worry because Caspar will notify you to ensure a safe, hazardless environment.

3 PM


Feel connected and engaged. Caspar reminds you of your favorite social activities with those you love to continue making unforgettable experiences with.