Live in a home that works for you


Live in a home that works for you

People spend over 60% of their lives in their home. However, the technology found in homes today is all from the last century!

With Caspar, you experience modern, effortless living. The curtains open automatically; they learn to wake you up with natural sunlight. The lights know when to turn on, and even set colors that match your mood. The home alerts you if there is unexpected activity while you’re away, and the front door unlocks as you come home. Residents feel safe, and can control their home using a smartphone as well as their voice.

As you interact with the home, it learns your preferences and works for you.



Caspar understands your intentions using cutting edge Natural Language Processing.


Caspar learns your preferences using deep learning to make the home work for you.


Caspar notices the important activities in and around your home.


Caspar connects to your favorite devices, such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Watch.

Where to find Caspar

We work with top real-estate firms and hardware manufacturers to bring Caspar to your city






Ashutosh Saxena

CEO & Co-Founder

Ashutosh has over 12 years of experience in building artificial intelligence systems. He was a professor at Cornell University and PhD from Stanford University with Prof. Andrew Ng. He previously co-founded Zibby, received the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, and was named one of Eight Innovators to Watch in 2015 by Smithsonian Institution.

David Cheriton

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

David Cheriton is a Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He previously co-founded Arista Networks (NSDQ:ANET) and Apstra, Inc. He is a world-renowned researcher in the areas of networking and distributed systems, receiving the lifetime achievement award from the ACM Sigcomm.

Maurice Chu

Director of Engineering

Maurice received his BS and PhD from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Previously he led the development of the Google Awareness API that can turn every Android app into a smart assistant. He has over a decade of experience building products using machine learning.

Lukas Kroc

Chief Architect

Lukas received his PhD from Cornell University in artificial intelligence. He holds over a decade of experience building reliable hardware and software systems. At SpaceX, he built automated systems that enabled Falcon9 to successfully complete multiple NASA resupply missions.

Brendan Berman

Director of UX

Brendan has built products that automate decision-making processes for construction management as well as naval fleet deployments. At Johns Hopkins, he built a system that allows the Navy to manage their fleets and visualize engagement strategies in real-time.

Junichi Iihara

Japan BizDev

Jun has over a decade of experience in Japan. Previously as a Director at Adobe Systems he managed Adobe’s OEM relationships with Japanese companies. For Ooyala, he established channel partnerships with Japanese companies and grew their Japan business.

Deng Deng

Deng received his Masters in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence from Cornell University. He has developed robots that autonomously navigate in response to commands in structured English.

Kunal Lad

Kunal received his Masters from UT Austin in Computer Science. Previously at Google he developed machine learning models for Gmail spam classification.

Ryan Pindulic

Ryan received his BS in Computer Science from Cornell University, where he developed a communication framework in the Mars Rover team. Previously he has worked at BAE Systems and Google.

Ashwini Venkatesh

Ashwini received her Masters from UT Austin in Computer Science. She has published several research papers on natural language processing, and previously worked at Google.

Arthur Chen

Arthur received his Masters from USC and his BS from UCLA. He was a senior design engineer at Intel Corporation where he developed automation and data transformation pipelines.

JinJing Zhou

JinJing graduated with a Masters degree from University of Cambridge, and received his BS from University of Bristol. At Stanford, he has developed neural network techniques to predict stock price trends of high-tech companies.

Daryl Sew

Daryl received his BS from Cornell University in Computer Science. Previously he worked at Tesla Motors, Bloomberg, and X, the moonshot factory.

Kiyomi Iihara

Kiyomi is an executive assistant at Brain of Things. Previously at Vidora she was doing Marketing and Social Media management.