Contactless Behavioral Monitoring

Caspar's AI-powered contactless behavioral monitoring solution provides a discreet, whole-home view of resident well-being. By analyzing subtle behavioral changes, Caspar empowers care teams to deliver proactive, whole-person care by offering them valuable insights into daily activities and potential health concerns of residents.

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Passive Contactless Monitoring

Eliminating the need for wearables or cameras with radar sensors that are placed throughout the home

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Preventive Health Insights

Helping staff identify potential health concerns before symptoms arise, potentially reducing hospital readmissions

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Behavioral Tracking

Analyzing behavior trends to provide crucial information about physical and mental well-being.

Better Care, Delivered Simply

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Reduced Hospital Readmissions: Caspar’s AI-powered behavioral monitoring solution provides walking and gait scores, offering valuable data to help prevent potentially harmful falls and lower a resident’s risk of a trip to the ER.

Activities of Daily Living Measurements: Caspar AI’s ability to analyze trends in sleep, eating, and hygiene patterns can empower staff to proactively address potential concerns and help the resident maintain the best possible physical health.

Behavioral Health Indicators: By automatically monitoring behavioral markers that can signal issues like stress and anxiety, Caspar’s AI can help care teams better identify issues and take steps to foster mental well-being.

Caspar Behavioral Monitoring Packages

Presence & Status

  • Room presence (bed, kitchen, dining, bathroom)
  • Overall activity level score
  • Number of bathroom visits
  • Missed daily check-in alert

Activity & Walking

  • Activity scores (sitting, standing, walking, laying in bed)
  • Time in-bed vs. out-of-bed
  • Kitchen activity score (cooking, dining)
  • M-RADI & walking scores

Restlessness & Stress

  • Restlessness scores & trends (sundowning, daytime, nighttime)
  • Overall stress score
  • Stress to relaxation ratio

Bathroom & Hygiene

  • Bathroom presence (shower, toilet, vanity)
  • Hygiene score (bathroom)
  • Possible UTI

Add additional packages for your care needs with Caspar's AI-Driven Care Reports and real-time bed care needs like bed-exit alert (imminent fall).

Caspar AI solution is intended to provide recommendations only to the staff so that they independently review the basis of such recommendations. It is not the intent that staff rely primarily on any such recommendations to make a clinical diagnosis or treatment decision regarding an individual patient. This is considered as a clinical decision support software(FDA, Sep 2022) that analyzes and displays health & wellness information about a patient. Caspar AI uses a variety of devices that are fully compliant with FCC, CE & UL standards as applicable.

How it works

Contactless Vitals Monitoring - Bed Sensors

Simple Sensor Package

Receive sensors for each room of the home to effectively monitor behavior.

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Professional Install Support

Enjoy a turn-key experience with personal setup by our expert support staff.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Seamless Data Integration

Get started seamlessly with access to health scores via desktop and mobile apps.

Let's talk about your goals

Your monitoring team gets relevant alerts, reducing alert fatigue while maximizing RTM & RPM reimbursements. 

Add-on additional reimbursements from value-based contracts with preventative health & wellness insights and alerts with our AI-driven solution.