Contactless Vitals Monitoring

Caspar's AI-driven contactless vitals monitoring solution provides high-quality data about patient's respiration & heart rates.  No wearables or cameras are needed.


Obtain reimbursements up to $150 per patient per month with our ready-to-file reports contain acing data logs & treatment management times.

Contactless Vitals Monitoring - Bed Sensor

Passive Contactless Monitoring

Contactless radar sensors. No wearables or cameras needed.

Preventive Health Insights

Preventive Health Insights

Helps staff identify health concerns even before symptoms are noticed.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Continuous Data & No Maintenance

Gives 99%+ continuous data. Not dependent on patient adherence.

Vitals Basic

  • Heart rate
  • Resting heart rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Heart rate & respiration rate baselines
  • Configurable threshold alerts
  • Ready-to-file reports (99453, 99454) – Qualify for reimbursements up to $50/month

Vitals Advanced

  • Vitals Basic +
  • Baseline deviation alerts
  • Heart rate recovery
  • Insomnia index & restlessness
  • Sleep (Light, REM, Deep)
  • Additional reports for treatment management (99457, 99458) – Qualify for reimbursements up to $140/month

Add additional packages for your care needs with Caspar's AI-Driven Care Reports and real-time bed care needs like bed-exit alert (imminent fall).


Disclaimer: The ambient devices are not a replacement for ECG/EKG and not a substitute for the clinician’s judgment. Not designed for hospital or ICU settings. The device options include FDA class 1 and 2 depending on the intended use. The devices are fully compliant with FCC, CE & UL standards as applicable.

How it works?

Contactless Vitals Monitoring - Bed Sensors

Devices in Rooms

Contactless radar sensors mounted over the bed continuously monitor vitals for RPM.


Patient-centric AI

Our AI algorithm puts the data from the sensor(s) in the context of patient profile & environmental factors to produce reliable outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring

API & Dashboard

Track reimbursements, access data, alerts and insights using our dashboard or API integrations into your platform.

Caspar package includes

  1. One vitals sensor, 5V DC adapter cable &  provisioning tools. UL & FCC certified.
  2. Our sensor has a maximum sensing range of 2-3 meters (7-10 feet) and comes with a wall mount.
  3. End-to-end installation service, including cabling, optimal placement & calibration (e.g., coverage with reliability for vitals on the bed), and provisioning for connectivity to cloud AI.
  4. Ready to use APIs and dashboard along with free onboarding & ongoing training.

The CPT codes for reimbursements include RPM (99453, 99454, 99457, 99458).

Let's talk about your goals

Your monitoring team gets relevant alerts, reducing alert fatigue while maximizing RTM & RPM reimbursements. 

Add-on additional reimbursements from value-based contracts with preventative health & wellness insights and alerts with our AI-driven solution.