RPM & RTM Providers

Enhance your RPM/RTM solution to provide better care with our AI-driven solution for early detection of diseases.


Contactless remote monitoring....Our patient-centric alerts and treatment management reports help reduce alert fatigue and increase reimbursements.

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Increase Top-Line Revenue

  • <Increase top-line revenue…> (more reimbursements with further use of the data)
  • Treatment management plans
  • Provide new service plans for patients
  • Unlock value- and risk-based revenue
Personalized Alerts

Personalized Alerts

  • Reduce alert fatigue
  • Personalized, patient-centric alerts
  • Long-term, longitudinal observations like medication side effects, baseline deviation and early detection of diseases
  • [High compliance rate because of passive monitoring]
Personalized Care Insights

Contactless Remote Monitoring

  • Privacy-preserving, no cameras
  • Not dependent on patients, no wearables.
  • No battery change needed
  • No patient training required…

How it works?

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Integrate with your existing RPM solution or we will provide one

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Enhance your Offering

Enhance your offering with our Personalized care plans

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With 24/7 care, increase patient retention and realize top-line revenue

Let's talk about your goals

Your clinical team achieves improved patient care and increased efficiency while unlocking more revenue opportunities.


Customized solutions for home healthcare providers, RPM/RTM solution providers, senior living communities, and skilled nursing providers.