Your Design-Build-Operate Technology Partner

Why do real-estate
developers work with Caspar?

Caspar helps you save money, improve operational efficiency with remote management, identify issues before they become disastrous to foster a safe environment, all while enhancing resident experience and retention.


Attract prospective residents

Caspar’s smart home experience enables your leasing staff to capture more prospective residents. This results in fewer vacancies while helping you differentiate your property.

Auto-show mode

Caspar homes come with auto-show mode – leasing staff does not have to be physically present to show units, making it safe and efficient for both prospective residents and leasing staff.


Remote unit management

Caspar automatically manages vacant units to avoid scenarios such as air-conditioning being left on with the windows open. This saves energy and keeps the staff safe.

Water leak detection

Caspar’s system detects leaks and informs the appropriate person before it becomes catastrophic. This helps you avoid expensive insurance claims and unnecessary maintenance costs.

Architect’s Playground
For Designing Smart Homes

Caspar partners with architects who want to shape the future of living. By incorporating smart home solutions, architects and real estate developers can re-imagine the in-home experience. Create a safe, sustainable living environment. 

Our tools enable architects to design experiences with LED lights, climate control, curtains, and access control, that accommodate resident’s lifestyle. Our team streamlines the design, installation and programming process with you.