Manage your building – remotely & safely

Higher Rents and Lower Operational Costs

Caspar.AI helps you efficiently operate properties remotely. Our system notifies you of issues such as water leak detection, all while enhancing resident experience and safety. Our property management product is available for seniors as well as luxury multifamily properties.


Attract Prospective Residents

Automation that provides safety and convenience – Redefining how residents interact with their living environments

  • Caspar.AI’s intelligent assistant provides residents with a more helpful apartment – automatically adjusting lighting, shades, and climate to set the ambiance.
  • Our intelligent notification system provides meaningful notifications – e.g., package at the front door and unknown face at the front door.
  • Smart reception areas help capture prospective residents by setting the optimal ambiance.

Caspar.AI’s smart home experience enables your leasing staff to capture more prospective residents. Remote auto-show enables prospectives to experience a fully-integrated smart home tour – whenever they want. Our automation technology helps you differentiate your property and lease faster.

Intelligent notifications

Immersive scenes

Intelligent home control

Smart reception



Capture prospective residents faster

  • Remote auto-show features enable prospective residents to have a fully-integrated smart home tour.
  • Caspar.AI enables leasing staff to get more productive – remotely. They can provide prospective residents with a fully-integrated smart home experience by setting the optimal temperature, lighting, and ambiance with Caspar anywhere, anytime.
  • The leasing staff does not need to physically go, residents can tour the unit safely at a scheduled time.

Vacant Unit Management

Enable operational efficiency with remote management

  • Remotely managing vacant units leads to energy-savings.
  • Our intelligent notification system provides meaningful notifications– e.g., the number of maintenance visits and unknown people at the property.
  • Analytic reports provide staff with building insight (e.g., number of visitors at their property).


Caspar.AI automatically manages vacant units to avoid scenarios such as air-conditioning left on with the windows open. This reduces cost and saves energy. Your property staff can be more efficient, managing the property from their home.


Water Leak Detection

Reduce expensive insurance claims and maintenance costs

  • Detect events such as water leaks before it spreads to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and insurance claims.
  • Humidity sensors for bathrooms detect air temperature and moisture. 
  • Our window sensor detects when windows are opened to ensure no unauthorized entry. 
  • Detect if an appliance is accidentally left on and notifies the resident. Ensuring resident safety is our priority. 

Caspar.AI’s sensing technology detects events such as water leaks or appliances that are accidentally left on and notifies the appropriate personnel to reduce damage.


Operational Cost Efficiency

Increase staff efficiency and track issues automatically

  • Auto-ticketing feature for hardware fixes.
  • Detailed move-out reports help detect damage or theft from outbound residents.  
  • Our property analytics dashboard provides key insights such as the number of visitors and remote check-in of residents. 
  • Integrate various smart access control systems to reduce the physical touch in common areas to zero.
  • Enforce policies about common area usage such as the number of people allowed.

Our technology allows staff to remotely automate the entire property. This helps manage unit-related requests like work orders for hardware fixes. Caspar.AI helps automate vacant unit management, move-in/move out, and streamline operations by providing property analytics (e.g., move-out reports; # of visitors at the property).