"We are thrilled to expand on Annadel's success and provide residents with new living options that add next-generation convenience and value."
Matt Perrin
EVP, Asset Management for The Wolff Company

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When his smart speakers didn’t work as well as hoped, he built a better system

Oct 1, 2018

Ashutosh Saxena is the CEO and cofounder of Brain of Things, which devel­oped an AI system called Caspar that turns a home into a sort of robot that we can talk to and interact with. By later this summer, Caspar will have been installed in about 500 apartments in California and Tokyo.

Panasonic Entered Partnership with Caspar to Develop Artificial Intelligence Smart Home System

Sept 12, 2018 

Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has invested in Caspar* (leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart home startup in USA) and started collaboration with Caspar to develop integrated AI smart home system.

The partnership between Panasonic and Caspar further advances integration of smart home technologies where Panasonic will aim to strengthen related solutions and provide better living life.

Learning Semantically Meaningful and Actionable Representations with Ashutosh Saxena

August 6, 2018

Ashutosh Saxena talks about his RoboBrain project, a computational system that creates semantically meaningful and actionable representations of objects, actions and observations. Dr. Saxena’s AI technology enables experiences to be shared and queried by robots and smart homes, which in turn creates a more robust artificial intelligence system.

Real-World AI Solutions the Focus of Deep Learning for Robotics Summit

August 1, 2018

Despite the hype, real-world AI solutions are emerging, and a recent summit looked at new techniques and case studies, including a robot for aiding the aging, smart homes, and industrial automation.

The Wolff Company Unveils Revolutionary Smart Home Technology at New Annadel Apartments in Santa Rosa, California

March 12, 2018

The Wolff Company, a fully-integrated real estate private equity firm that is focused on the multifamily sector, announces that phase two of the upscale Annadel property in Santa Rosa, California, is now available for rent.

A Robotic Home That Knows When You’re Hungover

March 10th, 2016

A company is developing apartment buildings with sensors, automated appliances, and the ability to learn an owner’s habits.

IoT Reality: Smart Homes Not Smart Enough Yet

February 10, 2016

Corey Gates, former CTO of Icontrol Networks (acq. Comcast) and IEEE member, said smart home adoption has moved beyond early adopters, but he noted that home security remains the dominant application by far.

Professor Billionaire: The Stanford Academic Who Wrote Google Its First Check

August 1, 2012

David Cheriton, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of Caspar, stays focused on breakthroughs that make measurable improvements to human life, such as the way Google helps a college junior complete a research paper at 3 a.m. Dr. Cheriton was a Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Arista Networks (IPO). He also wrote Google their first check and was an early investor in VMware where he was an advisor to Diane Greene.

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