Senior Living Communities: Made Safer by AI

Senior Living Communities: Made Safer by AI

There is a historically unprecedented shift in demographics towards seniors, resulting in an acute shortage of senior housing. This is an enormous opportunity for real-estate operators.

However, investments in this area are fraught with risk. Seniors often have more health issues, and Covid-19 has exposed just how vulnerable they are – especially those living in close proximity. Conventionally, most services for seniors are “high-touch”, requiring close physical contact with trained caregivers. Not only are trained caregivers short in supply, but the pandemic has made it evident that conventional high-touch approaches to senior care are high-cost and greater risk. There are not enough caregivers to meet the needs of this emerging demographic, and even fewer who want to undertake the additional training and risk of working in a senior facility, especially given the current pandemic.

In this article, we rethink the design of senior living facilities to mitigate the risks and costs using automation. With AI-enabled pervasive automation, we claim there is an opportunity, if not an urgency, to go from high-touch to almost “no touch” while dramatically reducing risk and cost. Although our vision goes beyond the current reality, we cite measurements from Caspar AI-enabled senior properties that show the potential benefit of this approach.

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