Four More Reasons to Put Caspar.AI in Your CapEx Budget

Four More Reasons to Put Caspar.AI in Your CapEx Budget

In his recent Senior Housing News feature story on CapEx spending in retirement housing, Chuck Sudo noted an increased focus on technology as one area where owners and developers are likely to spend more CapEx dollars. The pandemic has uncovered the industry-wide need to maintain resident service and care levels during times when face-to-face contact is curtailed or limited.

Plante Moran Partner, Dana Wollschlager, notes seven areas for physical plant improvement arising from the pandemic. Prominent among them? Technology. Residents have become more tech savvy during the pandemic and they expect their communities to keep pace.

Other prominent voices in the senior living business are echoing these sentiments. Applications of technology become more critical as the number of older people increases while the number of younger caregivers decreases.

As every owner and operator comes out of the pandemic at about the same time, they will be battling intensely over a more limited, more skeptical number of prospects.

Caspar.AI to the rescue

With it’s Human Centered Technology, Caspar offers a product that provides benefits to residents, their family members, managers, and owners. As the Caspar.AI system quickly learns the daily apartment activities of the resident, the system becomes a sort of invisible caregiver or service provider. A few quick examples:

Management puts Caspar.AI to work monitoring climate and utilities in vacant apartments and common areas. Staff can be scheduled more judiciously when freed from daily wellness checks of resident apartments. In conjunction with the Apple Health Kit, resident services staff and keep tabs on the health of their residents with less face-to-face contact.

Meanwhile, in the sales office, the community retirement counselors are pointing out that Caspar.AI and its many benefits are one of the key differences between your community and the competition. Caspar.AI could be your move-in incentive without breaking the bank on monthly, community or entrance fee discounts.

Make sure your CapEx budget has room for technology – Especially technology like Caspar.AI.