Five Key Technology Strategies in Senior Living

Five Key Technology Strategies in Senior Living

Technology can support residents and staff in meaningful ways while contributing to the bottom line at the same time!

That’s the takeaway from the recent Senior Housing News webinar entitled: Technology in Senior Living: Friend or Foe? More than 250 senior living professionals signed up for the recent webinar which can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube.

Participants in the webinar included:

Here are the Five Keys –

  1. Residential Living: Comfort and convenience are critical to attracting residents today. Community managers can increase move-in velocity by implementing voice-command features that resonate with today’s prospects. These features will also allow residents to stay in their apartments longer. Faster move-ins, longer stays, and high-tech features all contribute to the community’s ROI. All of these goals can be accomplished with the installation of Caspar.AI products.
  2. Memory care: Data speaks for residents who are unable to speak for themselves. Technology from Caspar.AI gives caregivers new and better information about memory care residents during nighttime hours. Staffing efficiencies improve, resident care plans are better informed, and families can be up to speed on their loved ones.
  3. Staffing: Technology can free management time by collecting resident wellness data and sharing it with staff. Even daily wellness rounds can be reduced with Caspar.AI in place.
  4. Families: Automated communications can reduce staff time responding to family inquiries. Instead of having staff run to apartments to check on residents’ wellbeing, those residents can let family members know by text or Alexa. This is a big timesaver for the front desk!
  5. Operations: Control of utility costs via handheld apps is a reality. Caspar.AI can put a cap on runaway costs.

The latest innovation from Caspar.AI is its Tyro product, an affordable entry into technology that provides benefits to residents and operators alike. For less than $125 and ten minutes of work, a typical residential apartment can add voice command and comfort control for residents while providing operators with immediate savings on utility costs. Caspar’s unique “Help Me!” command is included with the Tyro package.

Contact Caspar.AI today to learn more about how technology can have a positive impact on daily operations in your communities. At the same time, you can make life easier for your residents and more efficient and better informed for your team members.