Caspar.AI improves quality of life for residents of retirement communities across the Western United States.

Caspar.AI improves quality of life for residents of retirement communities across the Western United States.

Many retirement communities have retrofitted their communities with Caspar.AI. By doing so, community management has improved its oversight of staffing levels, utility usage and resident care. At the same time residents enjoyed an increased level of convenience and comfort in their apartment homes.

Without any wearables required, the AI system delivers advanced reports with resident activity levels, sleep quality, and any changes in resident daily patterns. 

Residents are thrilled about living in Caspar.AI equipped rooms. “I don’t worry anymore about forgetting my alarm button. I know with Caspar, help will come if something happens to me”, says Iris, resident of Caspar’s home. In the case of resident inactivity, the Caspar.AI system will send an alert to staff. Interface with Alexa Care Hub ensures that staff can do an immediate check to insure the safety of the resident.

Further, wellness analytics helps staff personalize care plans. “Knowing the state of the resident allows me to adjust their daily plan and saves me time from doing repetitive checks.”, says staff member Maria. This further helps to increase staff efficiency and frees up their time for more advanced care tasks.  

Residents can also access their daily wellness records through the Apple Healthkit interface, helping them live a more healthy lifestyle. Residents can opt to share this data with their families, to ensure loved ones are informed on their daily state. This significantly reduces the burden on the staff, since family communication is done via the Caspar.AI system.   “To advance our mission of creating Ashram Living, we have made Caspar.AI available at our community. The wellness reports it creates about residents’ daily activities offer peace of mind for loved ones so that we can focus on the more profound aspects of life and living,” state Ami and Nader, Founders of ElderAshram.

Following the positive resident response, Caspar.AI is rolling out its senior living product across the Western United States. ”Seeing the benefits of AI analytics in assisted living, we are partnering with numerous retirement communities in California to help them increase care quality and the living experience of their residents”, says Ashutosh Saxena, CEO, Caspar.AI.