Redefining in-home experience

Caspar is redefining the in-home experience. Residents living in Caspar-enabled apartments have features like convenience, awareness, and climate to create the ambiance and experience that suits their mood increasing peace of mind and comfort.

Personalized In-home Experience

  • A place that understands your preferences, creates unforgettable experiences and adapts the environment to suit you — a place you can call home.
  • Now, you don’t have to stress about ordinary, time-consuming tasks since the home functions on its own


  • A home that takes care of itself when you are away. 
  • Caspar’s awareness feature enables peace of mind for residents by sending them meaningful notifications and adorable pet clips. 

Convenience and Entertainment

  • Caspar’s move-in-ready smart home experience works for each member of the family. Residents can enjoy Caspar’s simple interface to set the optimal home environment through an integrated solution that automates lighting, shades, climate, and music. Scenes can help you set the ambiance of the home that suits your mood. 
  • Running late for a meeting? Running late for your flight? Now, with Caspar, you do not need to rush and turn off the lights, potentially forget to close the curtains, and adjust the thermostat so your utility bill isn’t through the roof. Instead, all you have to do is say “away mode” and all of these tasks are handled for you.


  • Lis
    Smart home has been very useful, especially coming home at night time.
  • Andres
    I receive notifications when the dog-sitter takes my dog out.
  • Lauren
    I really love the romantic mode, it just improves the mood at night.

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