Intelligent apartments for refined living

An apartment complex with Caspar.AI provides a luxury-driven environment for your residents. Younger adults who are tech savvy will be drawn to Caspar-equipped apartments while managers gain better control of costs while managing from afar.


Personalized experience

Caspar.AI apartments adapt to each resident. If a resident prefers dim white lighting with an elevated temperature during yoga, Caspar.AI will learn resident preferences. Working from home? Let Caspar.AI set the proper scene.

  • Apartment homes provides fitness metrics.
  • Ambiance can be adjusted to mood and motivation.
  • Voice control, lighting, shades, music and climate can all be programmed on command.

Convenience and entertainment

Residents can immerse themselves in a fully integrated smart home with all the latest enhancements:

  • Voice assistance with Alexa.
  • Circadian lighting and scenes such as “sleep”, “wake up” or “relax”.
  • Community Engagement & Entertainment.
  • Energy savings with a smart thermostat.


Intelligent climate

Immersive scenes

Energy - efficient lighting

Smart shades

Queries and timers


Wellness - Without Wearables!

Caspar.AI sends daily wellness reports to residents to monitor health and activity levels. Many residents remove their wearables for sleeping and bathing – not a problem with the Caspar.AI system.

  •   Daily wellness reports, no wearables required.
  •   Wellness analytics about resident’s sleep quality and activity level via Apple Health


Property managment jan 2020

Property Management

Caspar.AI can be the eyes and ears for managers who need to manage from a remote location. Even when on property, a manager can’t always be aware of every event in a complex of apartments. Receive notices from Caspar.AI through a robust property management dashboard:

  • Water leaks.
  • Energy consumption in apartments and commons areas.
  • Oversight of vacant apartments.
  • Proactive management and operating efficiencies.

Caspar.AI puts property managers in control 24/7.


  • Lis
    Smart home has been very useful, especially coming home at night time.
  • Andres
    I receive notifications when the dog-sitter takes my dog out.
  • Lauren
    I really love the romantic mode, it just improves the mood at night.

Frequently asked questions

Availability of features may vary from apartment to apartment and from complex to complex.