Intelligent apartments for refined living

People spend two-thirds of their time at home. Our artificial intelligence technology creates the ambiance and luxury-driven experience your residents are looking for. We bring best-in-class features such as convenience, productivity, awareness, and entertainment – with no resident setup required.

Caspar.AI integrates with IoT partner platforms such as Amazon Alexa and property management software to provide residents with a more helpful apartment.


Personalized experience

An apartment that adapts to each resident's lifestyle

  • A fully-integrated smart home that provides your residents a personalized living experience.
  • A home that automatically adapts to resident preferences using CasparAdapt.
  • Caspar.AI supports voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home to help residents control the home environment.

Our contextual awareness technology provides personalized experiences for members of your community. A place that understands your preferences and adapts the environment to suit you – a place you can call home.

If you like dim soft white lights and a slightly higher temperature than usual when you are doing yoga, Caspar.AI will learn that preference. Working from home? Caspar.AI creates the perfect ambiance by adjusting the shades, lighting, and climate automatically.


Convenience & Entertainment

Intelligent assistants for a more helpful apartment

  • An immersive sound experience for every room.
  • Enhance apartment ambiance with automated lighting and scenes.
  • Smart blinds that adapt to users for energy savings. 
  • An intelligent assistant that personalizes resident experiences.

Intelligent climate

Immersive scenes

Energy - efficient lighting

Smart shades

Queries and timers

Caspar.AI works with luxury smart home products to make your apartment intelligent, energy-efficient, and more comfortable. Our hands-free assistants set the mood for any occasion by automating lighting, shades, climate, and music. It’s never been easier to live in an apartment.



Give your resident piece of mind

  • Our smart clips feature notifies residents when their pet is on the couch.
  • Caspar.AI notifies residents if a package arrives or if there is an unfamiliar face at the front door.
  • Residents will receive an intelligent alert if an appliance is left on.
  • Residents receive insights about energy savings and fitness levels.

Caspar.AI integrates with industry-leading smart home security systems. Not only can residents watch high-resolution videos anywhere, anytime now they can receive contextually relevant notifications. Our smart clips feature notifies your residents when it matters most. They’ll know when their pet has eaten or when their children have come home.


  • Lis
    Smart home has been very useful, especially coming home at night time.
  • Andres
    I receive notifications when the dog-sitter takes my dog out.
  • Lauren
    I really love the romantic mode, it just improves the mood at night.

Frequently asked questions