Caspar Insights and Alerts

Caspar provides 30+ actionable analytics to the community’s care staff. Technology from Caspar.AI gives caregivers new and better information about residents during nighttime hours. Staffing efficiencies improve, resident care plans are better informed, and families can be up to speed on the health of their loved ones.


Insights for Improved Staff Utilization & Care Plans

Caspar Insights can free up valuable staff time by providing 30+ actionable analytics:

  • Better night-time staff planning can reduce the number of staff visits
  • Daily wellness rounds can be reduced with Caspar.AI in place.
  • Resident insights help produce better-focused care plans for each resident.
  • “How’s Mom?” – Caspar’s automated communications can reduce staff time responding to family inquiries. Residents can let family members know by text or Alexa. This is a big timesaver for front desk and floor personnel!

Incident Alerts

Staff is notified of a potential resident incident in an apartment.

  • Automated alerts for incidents such as falls or inactivity, if the resident is out of reach of a smartphone, pendant, or pull cord. 24/7/365
  • Alerts are integrated into your nurse call system.
  • Alerts can be sent if a resident leaves his or her apartment at night.
  • Alerts can be generated about resident health such as increased bathroom visits or if a resident is waking up at night. Better care planning is the net result.

Safety and comfort are priorities among prospects and families in choosing a community. With Caspar.AI as your partner, you’ll bring the latest in patented technology to provide both to your residents.

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