Health at Home Providers

Caspar’s patient-centric AI identifies 10+ health conditions even before symptoms are noticed. Empower your staff with a comprehensive 24/7 view of the patient, with vitals and behavioral data from passive contactless sensors – no wearables or cameras are needed. 


Provide better and effective care while increasing top-line revenue from RPM, RTM and value-based healthcare. Avoid costly hospital re-admissions.

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Early Detection of Diseases

Identify 10+ health conditions even before symptoms are noticed.

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Increased Staff Efficiency

Provide better care while freeing up staff time with our intelligent alerts & treatment care plans.

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Increased Topline Revenue

Unlock huge savings for your value-based healthcare and RTM/RPM reimbursements.

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Passive Contactless Monitoring

Contactless radar sensors. No wearables or cameras needed.

Personalized Alerts

Intelligent Alerts

Our AI produces high quality data and alerts by considering environmental factors, multiple people in the room and patient centric models.
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Baseline Deviation
  • Restlessness
  • Fall
  • Bed Exit – Imminent Fall
  • Gait Scores
  • Activity Scores
Care Reports

Care Plan Reports

Get a 360 degree view of 10+ health conditions for treatment management planning and reimbursements.

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Medication Side Effects

Our reports also include 

  • Alert History
  • Patient Wellness 
  • Staffing Patterns
  • Operational Insights
Integrates into your EHR platform.

How it works?

Health at Home Sensor Layout

Devices in Rooms

Contactless radar sensors mounted in every room , e.g., bedroom, bathroom.


Cloud AI

Our AI combines data from various sensors in the home and creates persona specific views for night staff, licensed clinical staff, managers & family members.

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Alerts & Insights

24/7 alerts & health insight reports on our dashboard & smartphone app. Integrations into your engagement & nurse call solutions.

Caspar package includes

  1. One or more sensors, 5V DC adapter cables &  provisioning tools. UL & FCC certified.
  2. End to end installation service, including cabling, optimal placement & calibration (e.g., coverage with reliability for falls in bathroom or vitals on bed), and provisioning for connectivity to cloud AI.
  3. Ready to use dashboard and apps, along with integrations into your engagement & nurse call solutions.
  4. Ready-to-file reports for reimbursements from Medicare to increase your top-line revenue. The reimbursement codes include RTM, RPM and value-based health care.
  5. Free onboarding & ongoing training. Reports about increased staff efficiency and improved satisfaction scores from residents & family.

Let's talk about your goals

Your clinical team achieves improved patient care and increased efficiency while unlocking more revenue opportunities.


Customized solutions for home healthcare providers, RPM/RTM providers, senior living providers, and skilled nursing providers.