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Safety & Wellness

Automated Check -in

Wellness reports for staff for efficient check-in on residents.

24/7 Incident Alerts

Staff and residents’ family receive 24/7 automated alerts about incidents such as inactivity, falling, and the stove being left on.

Advanced Safety

AI provides extensive wellness metrics & alerts using camera or thermal-camera based sensors.

Touchless Safe Common Areas

Enable the use of common areas in a touch-free and remote manner – keeping staff and residents safer. Schedules recommend to residents about availability of common areas.

Wellness for residents

Resident receives insights about day-to-day activity level, sleep quality, and medicine reminders without requiring a wearable device. Home adapts the ambiance to proactively motivate senior.

Alerts like Water Leaks

Detect events before they spread to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and insurance claims (stove, water leak).

Awareness Front-Door & Pets

Front-door video clips about visitors & packages. Pet clips.


Scenes and Circadian Lighting

Enhance ambiance with scenes like wake up, sleep or movie.

Voice Control

Voice assistant with Alexa to automate home.

Luxury Home Experience

Music, Colored Lights & Shades. Smart shades that open to let in natural sunlight. Music that follows you around the house.

Engaged living

Reservation for community events and rooms.

Staff Efficiency

Energy Savings

Caspar AI saves energy when vacant units or common areas are not in use. Thermostats are controlled remotely.

Common Area Activities Scheduling

(Touch-free) Unified control of vacant units and common areas (lobby, gym, conference room). Caspar AI sets the optimal ambiance for activities in common areas while saving energy.

Pro-Active Maintainence Alerts

Overall community dashboard providing improved and more prompt management attention to detail. Early detection of water leaks.  Integrates with Yardi and similar software for process automation.

Access Control – Residents & Guests

Integrations with smart access control systems. Enforce policies about common area usage. Residents can control temporary access to visitors (guests, maintenance, cleaning).

Inspection & Event clips

Smart clips from cameras in vacant units & common areas

Automated analytics & data

AI provides automated logs to staff about resident’s activities and wellness metrics.

Wander off detection with AI

AI detects if dementia resident tries to leave home or is being restless, and sends the alert.

Communicate to family

Family can subscribe to resident wellness reports and alerts.

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