Comfort and Energy Savings

Comfort and safety are critical to attracting residents today. Community managers can increase move-in velocity by implementing voice-command features that resonate with today’s prospects and their families. Faster move-ins, longer stays, and high-tech features all contribute to the community’s ROI.

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Tyro – Comfort & Savings

Tyro from Caspar offers an affordable option to add simple voice command functions and add energy savings.

  • Adjust the temperature, play some jazz, catch up on the news – All without getting out of a favorite chair.
  • “Help Me” sends an instant message to the staff without a pendant or a pullcord… an added layer of safety if needed by residents.
  • Tyro helps manage energy costs with an app for management that sets and maintains economical temperatures. Tyro puts a cap on runaway energy costs.
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Luxury – Comfort & Convenience

Caspar.AI’s technology enables features that provide comfort and intelligent controls to enhance the living experience in an apartment home.

  • Voice control & app for lighting and climate. Scenes such as “sleep”, “wake up” or “relax” enable residents to quickly set their apartment’s ambience.
  • The community can employ a Smart Energy Progam that produces savings by adjusting both thermostat and lighting when residents are away
  • “How’s Mom?” – Automated communications can reduce staff time responding to family inquiries. Staff no longer run to apartments to check on residents’ well being — Those residents can let family members know by text or Alexa. This is a big timesaver for the front desk!

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