Assisted Senior Living

Our solution provides comfort and safety to residents in assisted living settings, peace of mind to family, and useful data-driven insights to the care team.

One-hour drop-in retrofit for existing communities to get 24/7 notification for incidents like falls, and to reduce operational costs with increased staff efficiency.

Technology that provides vital information while protecting individual privacy.


Incident Alerting - Notification to staff of a possible resident incident

Staff are notified of a potential resident incident in their apartment.

  • 24/7 alerts for incidents like fall or inactivity.
  • Automated alert if resident is out of reach of a smartphone, pendant or pull cord.
  • Integrates into your nurse call system.

Safety & comfort are a priority amongst prospects and family in choosing a community.

Caspar - How it works

Speak Up! - Comfort, Convenience, and Assistance via Voice Command

Voice command for controlling lighting, thermostat and fans.

  • Voice command with Alexa.
  • Voice command to call for assistance if out of reach of a smartphone, pendant or pull cord.
  • Scenes like wake up, sleep, or relax.
  • Energy savings with smart thermostat.
  • Also available for smartphone app.
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How's Mom? - Residents Share Wellness Information with Family

Residents share wellness information with family

  • Daily messages to the family.
  • Provide family members peace of mind with automated updates from the Caspar.AI sensing system.
  • Family can also ask their Alexa: “Caspar Care, How’s Mom?”
  • Can send updates via platforms like LifeLoop and Cubigo.

#1 Technology attribute for Adult Children in deciding on a community for Mom.


Caspar Insights Dashboard - 30+ Analytics for Staff to Enhance Resident Care.

30+ analytics for community staff. Many residents remove their wearables for sleeping and bathing – not a problem with the Caspar.AI system.

  • Analytics about sleep quality and activity levels.
  • Statistics about staff visits to help in care planning.
  • Integration with EMR systems.

Cost savings through staffing efficiency – Reduced check-ins & incontinence changes, improved daytime care planning.

Property managment_May182021

Property Management Portal - Control of Utilities in All Apartments

Caspar.AI puts property managers in control 24/7. Receive alerts from Caspar.AI through a robust property management dashboard:

  • Keep utility costs within budget – Manage lights and temperature throughout the community.
  • Remote management of vacant apartments.
  • Detect leaks in kitchens and bathrooms before they become major incidents.
  • Integrates into platforms like Yardi.